Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Traveling The West Coast

I am currently looking into doing some traveling along the west coast over the next few months to gain next years promo material and hopefully work with some new girls.

Currently this is the route I am planning to take to hit as many big towns as possible to make use of the time and energy.
If you are near or around this route, message me and make me aware of your interest
I will be looking and putting a priority on paid work.
If you would like a discount on my shoot rate, pick me up something from my wishlist! smile
On occasion, I will also consider trades for Canon camera equipment and studio lighting.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Time = Money :: Trades need to be EARNED

Here is the deal. If you got equipment that's great but only on the rarest of occasions is it enough.
What really counts for trade is skill, experience, wardrobe and/or the ability to bring a team. 
I put my dues in. 
I've shown my skills and I am still doing so and continuing to grow. 
I can only hope this is enough for you to find me worthy of pay or trade!