Saturday, December 26, 2015

For Some Clarity

Yes, I shoot a WIDE variety of "fetish"/porn. however this type of shoot is NEVER something that I do as a trade piece unless it's going to quickly benefit my bottom line.
It's great that you want to shoot masturbation, girl/girl, boy/girl or any of the vanilla concepts, however these are NOT things that I need for my stores. If I do require them for my store I go with photographers that have paid me in the past and have already proven themselves as reliable for turning over the product.

I will shoot TFP but ONLY IF; you are shooting with a wardrobe, a heavy theme, and collaboration ideas or, can help with travel or accommodations, are shooting for a publication etc... 

(I am currently looking for moody nudes/lingerie/story telling style work)


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays & New Years Eve

Sometimes I shoot for money
Sometimes I shoot for other things
Sometimes I shoot because I want to be part of the concept

For 2016 I will be looking to expand my Zivity profile. If you are a zivity photographer looking collaborate, drop me a message so we can set up something :)