Friday, April 8, 2011

Many changes & constants to address!

Myth: I'm expensive. I charge $150/hr
Truth: If you're local it'll NEVER be that high for non-adult work.

Myth: I only shift my rates by pennies, maybe dollars... if you're lucky
Truth: I'm willing to work with ALL budget types!

Myth: You can't afford me
Truth: Everyone can afford me, but its a partnership. You need to work with me so I can work with you!

I'm pregnant. Due Nov. 26th 2011
I'm in the process of moving (I'm looking to book more gigs than usual!!)

If you would like to shoot please email me at with the following information.
-*-Where can I find a portfolio of your work?

-*-What type of shoot are you looking for (cloth vs. nude, artistic, glamour, fashion, fetish etc)?

-*-What type of compensation did you have in mind?

-*-How long are you looking to book (most shoots have a 2 hour minimum depending on travel time)?

-*-What are the images being used for?

-*-Where is the shoot going to take place (city, state & location or studio)?

-*-Is it OK to bring an escort (the escort will not interfere with your process or be in the way in any way shape or form)?

-*-Can you supply references (preferably models that you've worked with in the last 30 days)?

Thank you for your time!