Thursday, January 12, 2017

Booking Procedures

Please be aware that all details for shoots will be conducted via email/modelmayhem. This is not because I don't want to meet you but so there is an accurate record that can be referred to if necessary or a discrepancy.

-*-What type of shoot are you looking for (cloth vs. nude, artistic, glamour, fashion, fetish etc)?

-*-What type of compensation did you have in mind?

-*-How long are you looking to book (most shoots have a 2 hour minimum depending on travel time)?

-*-What are the images being used for?

-*-Where is the shoot going to take place (city, state & location + on location vs studio)?

-*-Can you supply references (preferably models that you've worked with in the last 30 days)?

!-!-!- CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be professional when scheduling a shoot. While I understand things happen in life that are unavoidable, please be courteous enough to contact me. Last minute cancellations can incur a cancellation fee.

If we have a scheduled shoot and you cancel within 24 hours of the shoot a 50% cancellation fees will apply. If you cancel within 14 hours of our shoot 100% cancellation fee will apply.